Do All the Pieces Still Fit?

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Sammy Blais celebrated the Cup with the team, but he is one of several RFAs this offseason.

The timing of an NHL season is much different than other major sports. The playoffs run so long that by the time the Finals are concluded, the offseason gets going in a hurry.

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Suck it Vegas

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You’ll be sad all summer, Knights.

To be perfectly honest, I’m relieved that the Golden Knights failed to win the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season. How would winning a Cup have been fair, at all? It wouldn’t.

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Quick Hit: Make It Stop

Sometimes, as a Blues fan, I wish I could go into cryo-sleep until the Blues make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. These tortuous roller coaster rides in the playoffs are awful.

With every loss, I think “they’re doomed.” Or, “they’ll lose out now.” Or “this team will never win anything.” Or “fire everyone.” You know, standard panic stuff for Blues fans.

But I am concerned about the Nashville series, seriously. The Predators are playing with edge, and downright meanness. And the Blues aren’t so far, responding in kind. Here’s where they definitely could use Backes and Brouwer and even Jackman.

That fact is, I’m sure, not lost on the players. They’re going to have to match the intensity and force. The Predators are shooting at them with rifles; the Blues need to put away their peashooters and break out the .50-cals. They need to unleash their rage. And funnel it into smart, physical hockey.

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