Clarity for Now and the Future

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Nikita Alexandrov has emerged as a building block for the future Blues.

The NHL trade deadline has passed. The Blues roster as it stands today will be the roster with which they end the season. A lot of names were sent out. A couple were brought in. The playoffs are out of the realistic realm of possibility. This won’t be a glorious year for the Blues.

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Blues Help Their Depth

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Forward Kasperi Kapanen will join the Blues this weekend.

I was not surprised to see that the Blues were part of a league transaction this Saturday afternoon. I was a little surprised to see that that transaction was an addition, not a subtraction. They had claimed winger Kasperi Kapanen off waivers from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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It’s a Full-On Retool

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Ryan O’Reilly was really wanted by the Toronto Maple Leafs for the playoff push.

When Vladimir Tarasenko was traded, I would say few fans or media, or really anybody in the league, were surprised. After all, he had requested a trade going back 2 years, and his contract is up after this season. So the Blues were finally going to find a trade partner for him, and they did with the Rangers.

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