About Face for Armstrong

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The streaking Blues have rescued their season and restored fans’ hopes for 2019 playoff glory.

“Well what do I do now?”

That’s surely the thought in President of Hockey Operations Doug Armstrong’s mind this week.

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6 Things to Watch for the 2nd Half

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David Perron, barring a trade, is part of the Blues’ future.

The Blues’ 2018-19 season so far has been up and down. Mostly down. And I’ll confess that I have been tempted to bail on this team, or to find a better team to root for.  Maybe Vegas – they’re new, and the logo is really cool. But those grey sweaters….I just can’t like those.

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Where are they now? – 2014 Draft

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Fabbri remains the marquis name in 2014’s draft class.

The NHL draft is a peculiar institution on the landscape of pro sports. In baseball, the teams must sign their selections before assigning them to their sundry affiliate teams. In football, there are no affiliate teams, so all of a team’s picks must make the roster or be cut. But in the NHL, draft picks go on with their collegiate or otherwise professional careers after the draft. Players aren’t signed until they’re ready to begin their entry-level contracts.

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