Painfully Clear Now

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Coach Mike Yeo has a team that’s not equipped for a deep playoff run.

That was a terrible loss. An awful loss.

The Blues went into the 3rd period of their game against the Nashville Predators on February 13th up 3 goals to none. They should have won the game.

I listened in frustration as the team gave up 1, then 2, then 3 goals during the period.

There’s no excuse whatsoever that would lessen the fact that an NHL team that goes into the final period, leading by 3 goals, should WIN THE GAME.

Never mind that they are playing on the road. Never mind they are playing against a Nashville team that has the edge in forward skill and dominates them when playing in their arena. Never mind that officiating was questionable. Never mind all of that, because it doesn’t matter. NHL teams that win Cups have the innate ability to close down games. NHL teams that win Cups know how to shove the knife into the brain and kill the their opposing team.

This Blues team does not.

I know things can change over the course of the season. I know that trade deadline additions can help push a team over the hump. But I don’t think this team has it this year. I usually am in favor of adding pieces, but this year I’m of a different mind.

I think the Blues should sell.

Now, I don’t think they should sell just any player that will return a nice package of picks or prospects. Certain players are untouchable, if I were the GM. Those include Jaden Schwartz, Brayden Schenn, Tarasenko (of course), Pietrangelo, and Parayko. But take Paul Stastny. He’s a free agent after this season. Why wouldn’t a Cup-contender want to add him for the playoffs? A player of his calibre might fetch a first-round pick, which the Blues do not have in this year’s draft, thanks to the Schenn trade.

Truth be told, there probably aren’t many players that fall into the coveted commodity category that aren’t also in the untouchable category.  So selling may be a difficult thing to accomplish, if the Blues were in that frame of mind. If they were able to move Stastny, or another player, and get a first-round pick in return, that would only help when the time comes to acquire other players in the off-season to bolster the club.

I do hope I’m wrong. I would love to see the Blues learn from last night’s game and display more resolve down the stretch. Once they get into the playoffs, anything can happen.

I just don’t think it will.





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