Price to Pac(ioretty) the Offense

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The Blues’ offense is really, really struggling. It has been since Jaden Schwartz was out of the lineup for 6 weeks due to an injury. He’s back now, but the offense as a whole is not. In the 13 games since the start of the new year, the Blues have scored more than three goals only twice. They have just five goals in their past 3 games.

Despite the addition of emergent top-line center Brayden Schenn, the Blues forwards lack legitimate firepower. This is made quite evident when you look at the offensive contributions of declining forwards Paul Stastny and Alex Steen. Stastny is similar to Paul Kariya, when he was a Blue, in that I was hoping that Kariya would put up 20 goals at least in each of his 3 seasons with the Blues. His history suggested he could. So did Stastny’s. Neither player looks like he will score at lest 20 in his time with the Blues.

Alex Steen hasn’t posted a 20-goal campaign since the 2014-15 season. His PPG total of 0.64 is slightly lower than that of last season.

Let’s not even speak of the third line.

It is not known what Max Pacioretty can contribute to a different club. He does have 16 goals, which currently would be good for 3rd on the Blues. The more pressing question is what he will cost an acquiring club.

That cost is said to be quite steep. Apparently it is a 1st-round pick AND a 2nd-round pick AND a high-end prospect, AND a roster player. That’s a huge haul, the Blues, I would bet money, will not acquiesce to a price so high. They don’t, after all, have a 1st-round pick in this year’s draft. And I don’t think that Doug Armstrong will be keen to trade away next year’s 1st-round pick, either. It’s foolish to go two consecutive years without.

Now if the Blues could talk Les Habitants into a package built around a player with some upside…..say, Robby Fabbri…..then maybe they can steer conversation away from first-rounders.

Perhaps Armstrong will offer Fabbri, a prospect like Blais, and a 2nd-rounder. And see what comes back.

In any event, the Blues really need some offensive help. They are a good team, and nobody knows when a year might be THE year.

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