Can’t Wait to See Dem Threads

I love it when sports teams introduce new uniforms. In my opinion, this happens far too infrequently, especially in baseball. It’s a classic sport, so MLB teams tend to stick with classic looks. But it’s a shame.

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Trade Candidate: Jason Spezza

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Center Jason Spezza had an awful season offensively for the Dallas Stars.


I was looking at the stats of notable centers around the league recently. I confess that sometimes I create teams with the armchair GM tool on Cap Friendly  It’s fun to play like I’m Doug Armstrong and pull off trades for impact forwards.

I came across Jason Spezza’s numbers for the 2017-18 season. Wow.

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Into the West

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Just like those who ventured westward in the 1800s to make a new life for themselves, the Blues head west with an opportunity to make new life for them in the playoff chase.

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